“I did weekly quantum biofeedback sessions with April remotely for 5 months and the benefits were incredible! I felt my body begin healing almost right away, and over the course of treatment, I crossed a major threshold in my healing process after more than a year of being in a healing crisis from a central nervous system disorder called CRPS. This stuff works!” – Payton Toniz

“I have been so happy to benefit from April’s support over the last 5 years using my amazing InLight system. I’ve called her many times and she’s always helpful and nice to work with! I had a 17 degree scoliosis, and usually every year I would spend at least $1,000 on chiropractors. Now – 5 years and no chiropractor visits! I also sleep more deeply. I’m so grateful for April’s help! Last year that my scoliosis had been reduced by half – to about 8 degrees!” ~ Duane Light, Holistic Legal Solutions

“Last May, my husband and I went on a cross country trip with our trailer. My husband experienced extreme altitude sickness which spiraled him into acute chronic anxiety. He came home a shattered man. And the Doctors original diagnosis was frontal lobe dementia or Alzheimer’s. A friend who had purchased her InLight therapy system from April Blake, recommended INLIGHT THERAPY. We decided to give it a try and after several weeks using the light pads I noticed much improvement in both cognitive ability and mood swings. That has continued and now my husband is nearly 80% improved. We have been given back an enjoyable life. He is working part-time again and takes a big interest in other people as he always has. I can’t extol the virtues of IN LIGHT THERAPY enough. I am nine years older than my husband. At seventy seven I have been using the ”lights” with excellent results. Many less “senior moments” and much more clarity and enthusiasm for life. We are very grateful for InLight Therapy and April Blake’s help.” ~ Joanna Short

“I’ve been using the InLight Therapy System for about three weeks now and I just love it. I got the six pad system because I have so many places that need healing. It’s helped heal the excruciating pain I had from 7 vascular leg ulcers and the wound doctor has been surprised how fast they’re healing now. I’m starting to be able to walk again. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I’m surprised to see that my walking is more confident and balance has improved. In fact, even though I have serious scoliosis, I haven’t needed to go to the chiropractor in weeks. I’m waking up less at night. To top it all off, the lights are so deliciously soothing that I never want to turn them off. I love these lights.” ~ Cari Alter

“On 3/24/16 I had the second round of dental surgery for placing my implant (titanium screw in gum). The next day I started using the InLight Therapy System twice a day for 20 minutes. The Lights made the swelling go down and reduced the pain dramatically. On 3/30 I went to my regular dentist to fix my temporary tooth, which I had broken off. He couldn’t believe that I had surgery just a week ago and said “I’ve never seen anybody heal so fast!” I’m thrilled that the healing process was so fast and I expect to be done with all this soon. I noticed it also improved my skin, which feels more radiant and plump.” ~ Anne Howland, CMT

“I am in my seventies and a cancer survivor. I have a husband struggling with dementia, and a son with a debilitating traumatic brain injury. I am their primary care provider. With light therapy, biofeedback, and her uniquely rich background, April Blake has given us hope and with her assistance, each of our family has made gains — even now, in the middle of a pandemic. She has helped me personally uproot some of the sticky stress patterns in my life which kept pulling me down and make some very much needed changes. April Bake is a practical, down to earth woman who is filled with love, compassion, and genuine kindness. You will quickly find you can trust her with your emotions as you work together to clean up those darker patterns and let the healing light in to warm you. April’s a genuine find, a lovely gentle surge of persistent positive energy. She told me when I first purchased my lights over a year ago not to worry, that it would be one of the best decisions I ever made. That has been true of the lights and now also with biofeedback and her generous support.” ~ Sylvia Porter, Grand Junction Colorado

“April provides an amazing service. I can’t recommend her enough. I found her rather miraculously when I was extremely ill and had left traditional medicine perplexed. Quantum biofeedback not only gave me accurate feedback and insight into what was going on but literally helped me from getting even worse. The Light Therapy has also greatly magnified the healing process. The remote sessions have been wonderful, I was skeptical at first, but healing in the way is very powerful, if not more so, than in person. April is very warm and caring and puts 100% of her care and attention into helping you get well. Again, I can’t recommend her enough!” ~ Sue Luth

“April Blake is an awesome healer and health practitioner. She enhances a healing session by bringing her intuition, inner wisdom, and experience of healing her own body. From doing her own inner work and from working with many clients, she offers a deep understanding of trauma, grief and stress. She supported me in opening up with her empathy, compassion, authenticity and vulnerability. My biofeedback sessions with her have been extremely potent and profound. I feel so grateful to have done such powerful healing work with in such a short time. I saw how past trauma and current emotions were impacting my health. Plus I got to learn a lot about what was going on physically & receive guidance on how to support my body going forward.” – Kathy H., Mill Valley, CA

“The work April Blake and Indigo have done with me is nothing short of miraculous.  When I began seeing her a few months ago, I was very fatigued.  It was immediately apparent to me how powerful this work is.  I have been going to see April three hours once a week for Indigo treatments and for Homeopathic Remedies.  Both have been instrumental in alleviating my fatigue.  This commitment of time on my part has enabled April and Indigo to do really deep work with me.  I am feeling vital for the first time in 4 years.  Believe me, it feels GREAT. I am committed to this work as a top priority because I want the underlying causes of my fatigue to be resolved so that this does not recur.  Thank you, April.” – Ashley Warrenton-Smith

“Working with April has been a life changing experience for me. Together we were able to unravel some very deep rooted patterns of thinking and behavior that existed within me for many many years. Realizing where they came from and recognizing how they kept me hidden from myself and others was a catalyst to opening my life to freedom. Freedom from the chains of self-doubt, fear, and self suffocation. Her observations from the biofeedback were concurrently part of my learning how my body was telling me about important things going on in my mind. This helped open pathways to realizations and conversations I had not previously acknowledged within myself. Thank you April for your time and spirit and unwavering support of the process!” – Stefani C., Morrisville, VT

“2010 started out very bad for me, I lost a close friend to cancer, was taking care of a very sick dog and finally made the decision to let her go.  I was also working full time and I think I was very close to a breakdown.  Then I met April Blake and that changed my life.  After one biofeedback session I felt calm and relaxed.  So I have continued.  My health has benefited in many ways.  All my clients are noticing a big change in me.  They think I look better than ever and I feel great!  Thank you, April!   I tell my clients, if you’d like to change your life, try biofeedback.” – Lise Nieman

“April is a healer of the first degree.  I have known her for many years and always find her knowledge, understanding and loving care a great help in my life.  There will be much to be gained by working with her on your healing process!” – John Bent

“The treatments I’ve received from April effectively worked on a level that I can’t touch and deal consciously with myself. I’d been waking up at night and finding it impossible to return to sleep. Nothing I tried (medication, herbal remedies, stress reduction techniques) seemed to work. Now if I wake up at night I’m able to return to sleep with minimal effort. Also, as I’ve gotten older I was finding myself less and less able to cope with stress as I had when I was younger. But after April’s biofeedback treatments I regained a inner strength and calm I thought I’d lost forever. April clearly earned my trust with the thorough and comprehensive history and evaluation she did at our first session. And to top it off, her office has a wonderful garden like setting that is healing in itself.” – Cyril Hinds

“I enjoyed working with April so much. She is warm, caring, very intuitive and her sessions with the light therapy as well as the biofeedback helped me go deep with some old issues I needed to release and let go of. I have also been suffering from a frozen shoulder for over a year and am my 70’s. In just 2 sessions, I regained 90% mobility! – Truly amazing! She provides a professional, loving space to heal and be held in the light!” – Ulli S., San Francisco, CA

“I saw April Blake for the first time after I had had a road bike crash. It was 3 weeks before I was going to be in the Ironman, and I was ‘doored’ – which means someone opens the door of their parked car without looking when you are riding by, and of course the bike stops but you don’t. I had flown over the car door, rolled, cracked my helmet, and was bruised and battered, though no bones broken. (My bike was not so lucky.)  I couldn’t really breathe or walk well. I was terrified after a year of training I would not be able to do my race. I went in for a biofeedback session and remember thinking ‘I’ll try anything- but I don’t know what this will do.’ I am a born skeptic. When the session was done, and I went to stand up – and I felt NO pain. NONE. I could stand upright for the first time in a week. I was sincerely amazed – and grateful to April. I subsequently have used Indigo to help with a major surgery I went through, to deal with stress, and now to support weight loss. You have to try it!” – Sandy Shepard

“My experience of biofeedback with April has been a key component in some badly needed changes to support my emotional and physical health. In conclusion: My asthma is history; my coughing and sinus congestion are gone; stress levels are greatly reduced, I have a greater ability to handle stressful situations, I sleep more soundly; I have way less gas; I’ve lost 12 lbs in two months; I have more energy and a more positive outlook on life; more clarity in my thought processes; and a transformed relationship to the stressors in my life.  I hope this helps anyone reading this to make their decision to experience biofeedback for themselves and avail themselves of April’s generous wisdom and caring spirit.” – Bill Manewal

“I first discovered Quantum biofeedback with April in the fall of 2013. When I arrived at her office door I was a mess! I was very sick and struggling with Lyme disease and Pulmonary Hypertension from Scleroderma. I have since made a tremendous recovery and I attribute it to April’s expertise and caring support.

Quantum Biofeedback is an amazing healing modality and I am always amazed with how well the technology can read my emotional state, nutrient and neurotransmitter levels and digestion effectiveness. I’ve experimented with using the technology with 2 other practitioners and came to realize just how unique the therapist is to the healing effect. April has a gift! She is highly intuitive. She knows where to focus her attention during the session. She has a gentle way of helping you to feel calm and relaxed. I relax so deeply. I’m not one to easily open up and share my emotions, but I do with April. As she is running diagnostics, she asks pertinent questions that help start a conversation in which I begin to release stored emotions and stress held in my body. I attribute much of my recovery from consistent ongoing therapy with her over the past 5 years. I highly recommend April without reservation.” – M. Rushing

“After a series of biofeedback sessions the arthritic pain in my left hip eased considerably and the tenseness in my body was completely gone.  The overall anxiousness that I have suffered for years has greatly diminished.  I sleep better, have more energy and just feel more relaxed about everything.  Regular biofeedback has proven to be very supportive of my overall health and energy.   I am so grateful to April and the for the biofeedback.  I am eighty years old and feel like a new man!” – Jerry Wagner

“I feel really fortunate to have been referred to April Blake for biofeedback and consider her more than a biofeedback  provider.  April’s  knowledge of health and how she has supported me to gain better health has been very monumental for me.  I really value her professional manner, and at the same time, I feel the sincere caring and warmth as a person; it is what makes the whole process really ideal for me.” – Wendy Harmada