The History Of Light Therapy
2000 B.C. – Chinese practiced color healing
1500 B.C. – Ancient Egyptians; temples for healing using crystals & sunlight. Cures explained ailments & colors used for remedies
600 B.C. – Ayurvedic Physician, Charaka; healing using sunlight
400 B.C. – Aristotle; Proposed that “Light travels in waves”
300 B.C. – Euclid of Alexandria; Theory of Light
965 A.D. – Alhazen; Scientific Work : Optics provided basis for European Optical Research
1253 – Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Oxford; “Cosmogony of Light: All matter is light”
1619 – Descartes; Theory  that light is motion later called, “The Wave Theory of Light”
1700 – Isaac Newton; Dissecting Light-Body of Light, discovered white light had all colors, demonstrated using triangular prism
1858 – Max Planck; First to suggest – Light=Photons=Energy. Started Quantum Theory
1860 – Michael Faraday; Modern ‘Field’ Theory
1876 – Augustus Pleasanton; Blue Light – relax glands, nervous system, organs
1878 – Edwin Babbitt; Developed Chromadisc for delivering light to the body
1887 – Seth Pancoast; Red light to stimulate /Blue light to relax autonomic nervous system
1890 – Nils Finsen; UV Light: Won Nobel Prize 1903: light therapy to cure lupus vulgaris
1920s – Royal RIFE; Polarized light and frequencies for bacteria, virus
1920s – Dinshah Ghadiali; Developed Spectrachrome & Tonation system for delivering light to the body. Women’s issues
1920s – Harry Spitler; Developed 19 Syntonic Principles (effects of light on body & mind). His system delivered light through the eyes
1930 – Dr. Auguste Rollier; TB, Ulcers with Sunlight
1940 – Emmitt Knott; UV Blood irradiation
1950s – Dr. Paul Nogier, MD; Nogier’s Frequencies based on  based on D Note & subsequent harmonics
1960 – Russian Space Agency; Cosmonauts, Sleep, Bones, Muscles
1967 – Endre Mester; Laser therapy on skin ulceration
1972 – Dr. Thomas Dougherty; Light and color therapy on cancer
1974 – Fritz Albert Popp; Biophoton Field
1980s – Semmelweis University, Budapest; Mice, Cancer, Cells
1980 – Marta Fenyo; Immune system, Cellular, Acne
1983 – Veterinary Medicine; Return of light therapy to North America, used on horses.
1987 – Theo Gimbel; Color Therapy
1989 – Tiina Karu; Cellular, DNA, numerous light therapy studies
1990 – Stephen Vasquaz, PhD; Psychotherapy
1997 – Mary Bolles; Autistic, Dyslexic children
1998 – A.K. Gupta; Leg Ulcers
1998 – T.L. Thomassen; Tendonitis, Myofascial Pain
1998 – Dr. Kira Samoilova; Laser & UV light for cleaning blood
2000 – NASA, Marshall Space Center; Hard to heal wounds, burns, ulcers, musculoskeletal injuries, human growth tissue, etc.
1990 to Present – Light Therapy World Trials; Pain, Burns, Wounds, Ulcers, Well-Being
TODAY – Harvard Medical School; Cellular Communication with light, Biophotons. NASA including blue and red spectrum lights in panels to help balance the astronauts issues of insomnia.
Resource: The Quantum Academies on Light Therapy